About Dr. Ed King

        Completing one year of fine art training before being sidetracked for 11 years by his love for nature, science, and the humanities, King finished his pediatrics residency in 2001.  He is now a full time practicing pediatrician.  Through those years he drifted from art only in study, never in spirit.   6 years ago King began warming up his artistic side again with ceramics.  Now, with less than 5 years experience in flameworking glass, his rapid acquisition of technical skill is drawing attention. 

Ed, Slow down, man. You�re killing me. That [piece] is awesome. I mean awesome. Heal the sick, get home and blow some phatness [cool glass art]. What a life.
Peace,  Boxfan Willy�

     ~Wil Menzies, Glassblower and Chief Editor/Founder of the Flow Magazine


       �I have a persistent desire to build and create.  Glass, like ceramics and even pediatrics, allows for me to delve into technical information and process, yet demands humility, sincerity, childlike innocence.  What else is there to want from life?�

      With minimal formal training in art, King feels his varied life experiences made being an artist possible. "Becoming a doctor has been invaluable in helping me develop as an artist."  For his content he credits a wide variety of experiences; medical work in Africa and Israel, a professional focus on child abuse (physical/sexual, and neglect), working with the homeless or heroin addicts in the inner city,  founding multiple bike-a-thons to benefit sexually abused children including a solo cross country ride, and living with and caring for the disabled.

        Currently he has too many ideas and not nearly enough time to execute them.   He produces a variety of glasswork, including ornaments, pendants, goblets, vases, and sculptures.  His real passion is for figurative abstract/surreal sculpture addressing a wide variety of themes including surrealism, socio-cultural issues, and nature.

         This is the humble beginning of a small glass company that will continue to grow and flourish.  His goal is to combine his knowledge and contacts in pediatrics with the proceeds of Halcyon Glass into a never ending philanthropic adventure.  Then life would be complete.

Local Article:  Pittsburgh Tribune-Review




Manipulating glass using a blowtorch (bench burner).  Pieces are usually more detailed than furnace blown glass (AKA: hot shop glass. Manipulated and heated primarily on a metal pole in a hot furnace.)   Many Flameworkers utilize borosilicate glass (pyrex scientific glass, aka hard glass) which is harder and requires more heat than soft glass.




hal�cy�on (hălʹsē-ən) 



1. A kingfisher, especially one of the genus Halcyon.

2. A fabled bird, identified with the kingfisher, that was supposed to have had the power to calm the wind and the waves while it nested on the sea during the winter solstice.


1. Calm and peaceful; tranquil. See synonyms at calm.

2. Prosperous; golden: halcyon years.