Working Gallery:  2004

Below are 2004 items for display only.  

Themes and skills that were 

still under development.


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Based on an Orb Weaver spider.  This is about15" and is made to hang.

Another Orb Weaver, walking.  Bad photo, I'll figure out how to get a good one.  I  used some reduction/oxidation colors.  Fun.  Beautiful. About 14".   These will make great elements in larger sculpture



Little flower studies.

 Very Funky vase-like thing.

Vase I made at a workshop.

This is one of many organic forms. I recently  attended a workshop with a master of this style, and glass.  This is very enjoyable and you'll be seeing many more of these wonderfully strange abstractions of natures beauty.  By manipulating different elements found in nature one can easily create pieces that elicit a wide range of emotions.  Caring, awe, fear, disgust.   

These fish with all the wavy fins can be really exciting.  More later.

Torso inset in a vase form.

Earth P
Funky, experimental piece.  There is a hollow sculpted torso set in a vase-like sculpture.

Another organic form.  I'll be working on this theme for a while.

Prototype for a series I'd like to do.  Head games.  This one is The Artist.

Just a study.

Body work. Unfinished. Needs work, not to mention kneecaps.


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