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   Ornaments Page  

Another "Shaman" or "Tribal Dancer"

Slight alteration.  Needed for a show, no time experiment.  Look for a whole line of these.

2nd place, North Hills Art Center Mid Winter Hues Show.


"Torso Vase"

Blue and green frosted glass female torso set in blossoming vase.  Torso comes out to replace with flowers as needed.  11.75" tall.  Sphere in center has a subtle blue green swirl within.  On sale at Impulsive, Falls Church, VA




"Through the Fire"
 Naked man floating delicately out through tendrils that surround him.  Wall hanging.  Total about 11", figure about 9" tall.   For Sale at  Flameworked Creations



"The Archer"

Running through the brush, with 2mm arrows in quiver.  

Photography is horrible.  Due to a great glass conference it had to be photographed on the gallery shelf.  I'll try and get better ones.  For Sale at  Flameworked Creations



A study in wild angry colors and gesture.  

Unfinished: base will be expanded a bit and more purple will be drawn out of the body's color.   BROKEN - AWAITING REBIRTH



"Through the Fire II"

16" tall. stand up version of the above sculpture by  request. Custom for Carole.  SOLD



Custom Taekwon-Do figure

12" tall.  Given as a gift to 2004 USA International Taekwon-Do Federation team captain and winner of the ITF Championship in Korea.  Congratulations Adam!

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Prototypes Gallery: Early works and studies. Not for sale.  If you get any ideas feel free to contact me.