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   Ornaments Page  

Vessel Study

About 15" tall.  Cobalt blue swirled with clear and white.



"Tribal Warrior"

About 11" tall.  Removable  spear (Iklwa) and shield patterned  from the Zulu.  


Hand Study

Whimsical little hands I make in various positions and colors.  Some are for desktop tasks, like holding pens and business cards.   This one makes a great ring holder.  


About 18" tall.  Made for The Associated Artists of Butler County's "Age of Aquarius" show.  Over 75 artists, multiple media, well over 100 works.   60's theme.  Peace symbol is subtle at center of flower.  The "roots" are people dancing....with a little conflict evident amongst the joy.   Photo taken in situ at show.  SOLD

"Best in Show" and 1st place in category.

"Cobalt Blue Torso Goblet"

My first Goblet.  About 10" tall.  Three years in the making.  





About  7" across.  Black with blue and purple swirls.


"Orange Flower Study"

About 15" tall.


"Fire Shaman"

 Dark green hues with a central earthy iridescent torso. Huge mask facing skyward with fire in one hand and scepter in the other.  On sale at Impulsive, Falls Church, VA

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Prototypes Gallery: Early works and studies. Not for sale.  If you get any ideas feel free to contact me.